New Games Photos of Key Players

Below are some photos of some key New Games players. The names are from the viewer's perspective. (The viewer's left, not the folks in the images.)


Special thanks to Nancy Tyler for making the photos available for digitizing.



Image 1

Andrew Fluegelman


Image 2

David Naster


Image 3

Andrew Fluegelman, Nancy (Kretz) Tyler, Jeff McKay


Image 4

Bill Michaelis



Image 5

Todd Strong


Image 6

Andrew Fluegelman, Jan (Lown) Knock



Image 7

David Naster, Nancy (Kretz) Tyler



Image 8

front row: Tom Zink, Trina Merriman

2nd row: Jan (Lown) Knock Nancy (Kretz) Tyler, Burton Naiditch, Betsy Brown

3d row: Kate Douglas, Joe Killian, Soozi Wellborn, Todd Strong, Jeff McKay

4th row: John O'Connell, Gail Straub, Pam Cleland, Carol Kamen, Carolyn Muegge

5th row: Dale LeFevre, Bill Healey


Image 9

Jeff McKay



Image 10

front row: Joe Killian

2nd row: Chuck Conn, Burton Naiditch, Bill Michaelis

3rd row: Nancy (Kretz) Tyler

4th row: Jan (Lown) Knock, Jeff McKay, Pam Cleland, John O'Connell, Trina Merriman, Tom Zink, Todd Strong



Image 11

Nancy (Kretz) Tyler, Gail Straub


Image 12

Nancy (Kretz) Tyler, Gail Straub



Image 13

Pam Cleland, Jeff McKay, Adrienne Burk



Image 14

Todd Strong


Image 15

Tom Zink



Image 16

front row: John O'Connell

2nd row: Bill Healey, Tom Zink

3rd row: Pam Cleland, Nancy (Kretz) Tyler

4th row: Jeff McKay


Image 17

Pam Cleland, Struwwelpeter




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