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This is the main page of the New Games Wiki. The hope is to allow lots of different folks associated directly with the New Games Foundation and first hand experience and knowledge of events to contribute their experiences, different perspectives and stories to the history of New Games and the New Games Foundation.

Creating and developing a Wiki is definitely a new game for us. Please join the game and share your photos, stories, questions, comments, clarifications and whatever else you can contribute that is relevant to documenting NG and NGF accurately.

Most histories are a 'One Person Game.' They're written by a 'historian' who probably wasn't there or is putting together info from multiple speculative sources, or from someone or ones who were there, then speculating a lot on what was or might have been going on. Or, dog forbid, it was written by someone who was involved, buthas a particular 'axe to grind,' or personal bias.

We have an opportunity via the technology of the wiki, to create a 'New Story Game.' a collectively written history, with the express purpose of honestly and accurately documenting this small bit of human history, which we contributed to, called New Games. Hopefully, this effort will be of interest to people other than ourselves and maybe our grandchildren writing stories. We know that what we created was important and beneficial. Others will hopefully find it to be so as well and look to this history and it's links to practices, to know and understand more about New Games and how to foster, promote and perpetuate its spirit and practice, just as we did.

We need everybody from the New Games family to make this game play well. Come on over and join the game!

Play Safely/Nobody Hurt:

  Please note that all contributions to New Games Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors.  Knowing this is the rule, you have to decide if you still want to play/contribute.  
  That said, please live up to the spirit of the rule and edit with good intent, hopefully as an added comment, under the "Yes, and... vs. "But, no.. approach.  Whenever possible inform the original contributor or contact them directly, so they can respond, or maybe correct a 'mis-remembering.'
 Also, be respectful of other persons' privacy.  Consider what aspects or events belong in the realms of personal privacy or confidentiality and the consequences of loose comments on other peoples lives.

"Ways to Play:"

                 There are several parts of the game where you can make 'plays.'

1. 'Get the Timeline Right:'

   The basic strand of the story is the timeline.  The idea is to identify the significant events and get them in the right chronological order, -- the 'What, When, Where and Who.'  So far, we have a pretty good start, thanks to Nancy (Krebbs) Tyler and many other contributors, but there are no doubt lots of holes.  The good news, though, is this seems like a finite, factual part of the game.  Maybe we can even get it down to the high level, "real, true, actual facts," within the near future.
   You can add in other significant events that are missing.
   You can add in when and where you got involved and what role you played.
   You can link other info to events on the timeline and events on the timeline to other info and relevant sites.

2. 'Fill In the Story:'

 Within the timeline we can collectively fill in the stories and subtext(s) around what happened, how and why, who else was involved and capture as much of New Games' and the Foundation's history as possible.  At least we can accurately cover as much as possible from each of our perspectives, (within the limits of our memories anyway.)  This part is where teamwork will really come into play.  each contribution counts as making a 'play' in this game.  What you contribute may be just the play that sparks someone else to make another play and pretty soon we have the 48 volume annotated history.  
 We can also create links to related wiki pages covering New Games Philosophy and Practice.
 If you enter everything you know about New Games, before you die, you win!  (Post mortem contributions will be submitted to a committee of the living, before being considered for addition.)

Ideally, we all win.

3. 'Add to the Story: Comment on the Contributions'

  Maybe there are other aspects to parts of the story, or opinions you might have about different parts, as contributed, that you can add to.  As the story grows we can add our commentaries, or in some cases correct an inaccuracy in what someone else has written..  Always with loving kindness and consideration for our co-authors, of course. 
 This, of course, may lead to commentaries on commentaries  on commentaries, which will become an 'infinite' game and which may also require techniques to engage without distracting from the main threads. (TBD)

4. 'Tell Your Story'

 through the magic of the wiki, each of us can also set up our own 'page' with a link, to tell how we got involved in New Games. what all happened, what it meant to us, how it changed our lives and in what ways we continue to 'foster and promote it' in our lives.

Play Hard
Play Fair
Nobody Hurt

June 9, 2017

Introductory Text Added Jumping Girl logo of the New Games Foundation added to the Wiki.

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