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New Games Arises!

New Games RePlay

Last fall we held the "New Games RePlay" in San Francisco, and it was a great time with many reps from the NG Training Program days and even a couple young 'walk ins,' who just heard about NG and decided to find out about it. It certainly reminded me of all we had accomplished and especially what we had contributed to the world.

Additionally, I've met a lot of young people and school people over the past year, who hear about NG and get really excited, telling me how much they wish there was something like it now. More additionally, there is a group from Oakland who have been organizing and getting great response to what they call 'digital detox' retreats and play sessions.

Putting it all together, I'm feeling the urge to revive NG and take it forward. It seems that there are new generations who are really hungry for the high touch experience, just for fun and personal connection, as well as to balance out the intense high tech side of their lives.

I think there were a number of great parts of the NGF offerings which are still relevant. Plus, there are opportunities to take it into areas of special focus, such as early childhood programs which Willy M. pioneered and youth programs, with the need for help as they deal with continuing increases in child care. The work I did in corporations, team building and work community is also still relevant. I have a few other arenas I want to explore as well, that we've never entered.

Let me know how this sounds to you and if you might want to get involved. You can contact me, or comment below.

John O'Connell


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